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Our story

We are an independent design studio and sustainable brand started up by lifelong best friends and designers, Nic and Roz.

Launched in 2020, our vision focuses on transforming the everyday by producing sustainably-led, exclusively designed, high quality products, accessible to everyone.

Our inspirations include pop culture, art history, fashion, mid-century design, nature, empowerment, heritage and modern architecture. We love to infuse our design credentials with colour intensity, pattern plus storytelling into each design collection, applied across paperware, stationery, gifts, accessories, and our recently launched homeware and interiors range, Storihome.

We are practising advocates in equality, inclusivity and diversity, we love what we do, and work hard to bring our very best every day.

Meet our Founders,
Nic & Roz

The happy pair met in 1992 whilst studying at art school, and became the best of friends fast. Little did they know how much their blossoming friendship would impact their future lives.

Following graduation, Nic and Roz moved to London to pursue their careers and began their new chapter of learning to be proper adults.

In the late 90's, after a couple of years of working in the creative industry, they took the big leap of setting up their first business — a commercial design studio in East London. At the tender age of 25, they pooled together and spent the next years working all hours, meeting challenges and loving their work, continuing to learn, earn and build.

Image: 1st year students at Kent Institute of Art & Design (University for the Creative Arts) 

The duo experienced achievements, hardships, rewarding ventures and adventures at each other's side, and throughout it all they were determined to stay true to their passion and love for producing good design. The studio is still going strong today.

During this time, they had thoughts about setting up a creative publishing platform, where they could extend their passion for design and focus on developing everyday products through sustainable manufacturing.

So from that Nic and Roz again threw themselves into establishing something new and Storigraphic was born in 2020, during the pandemic where it began its journey of development. This time around, they are two decades older (somewhat wiser) and arguably, proper adults. 

Image: Somewhere sunny — 2024

Storigraphic x Hornsea 'Originals/Moderns' Collection

Introducing our exciting paperware and homeware collaboration, with celebrated British design heritage brand, Hornsea®. The Storigraphic x Hornsea ‘Originals/Moderns’ collection.

In the press — a look back on 2023

From 70s, Viva Magenta, New Wave through to Checkerboard, Bohemian and Mid-Century Modern — we’ve had some lovely features of our products in print and online magazines.

New: wallpapers for home and commercial interiors

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new wallpaper collection, a significant addition to our Storihome range.