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Storipledge — our actions for a better, sustainable future



What sustainability and caring for our environment means to us.

We have been advocates and purveyors of designing for print for over 20 years, looking after our planet and championing good causes, also finding new ways of putting it into our everyday. Currently, what this means is:

  • we predominantly work with and produce paper products, and paper is one of the few truly sustainable materials available to the world. (Between 2005 and 2020, European forests grew by 58,000km2, an area bigger than the size of Switzerland, and these planted forests continue to achieve much, including initiatives helping to maintain ecosystems and biodiversity as well as providing sources of renewable energy.)
  • our print partners are CarbonNeutral companies with FSC chain of custody and ISO14001 certified environmental management systems, recycling over 99% of all dry waste.
  • we have reduced environmental production impact by removing the need for extra raw materials as well as reducing waste, materials, emissions plus energy. Read further here.
  • all of our products are designed, sourced, created and made in the UK, thereby supporting our economy, independent local businesses and giving back to the community.
  • we prioritise 'support small', working with local and independent businesses.
  • we do not laminate our stationery products. Instead we pursue alternative solutions and source paper stock that carries greater resilience.
  • we do not use glitter, foil, metallic ink or any extra finishes to our printed paper products, e.g. embossing, debossing, duplexing. Everything produced is recyclable and/or reusable.
  • for every order made, we will contribute a portion of the sale to planting a young native tree in either Madagascar, Mozambique or Nicaragua. The planting project also helps to support communities and reduce poverty by employing local workers. Learn more here.
  • we champion progress and encourage good deeds, so with every product sold 5% of sale profits is donated to a wonderful charity (our chosen charity, Crisis, supports people across England, Scotland and Wales directly out of homelessness, and campaigns for the local and national changes needed to resolve it for good).
  • we watch our carbon footprint, work to eliminate everyday waste, do not use single-use and non-recyclable plastics.
  • we use renewable energy at work and home.
  • we promote ethical, charitable and humanitarian practices.
  • we aim to use energy-efficient transportation for all our business travel (our first fully electric car is a go) including cycling as our first choice for all local journeys.
  • we stand for diversity, equality and inclusivity, all human and animal rights, and advocate kindness, most of all.

Our sustainable practice and commitment continues, it is especially amplified as we venture into using new materials for our products. We believe in a bright future for the world, and that if we all work together we can make planet-saving goals a reality. There’s never been a more important time to make a change.

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