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WFH journal - Storigraphic

WFH journal

working from home


Our WFH journal continues.

We hope you’re well, healthy, and staying as positive as possible in the midst of continuing uncertainty. Looking after your mental and physical well-being is so important, as well as looking out for and staying connected to your loved ones, whilst continuing to cheer and support your community.

We have been inspired by the many wonderful and uplifting stories of individuals, communities, services and key workers rallying to do just that for others, and hope your days are filled with similarly heartwarming levels of kindness and care.

Four weeks in and we are all doing fine 😊 We’ve remained positive, continuing to support each other and our work. Our well-being has been helped along with much baking, cooking, gardening, planting, painting, studying, decorating and more. We’re all trying new activities, finding comfortable spots to sit and work, taking afternoon walks in the beautiful sunshine, enjoying the bird song that surrounds us and digesting the humbling feeling and appreciation we have of life.

We’ll post a new WFH update in a couple of weeks; until then, everyone stay safe and well.

Roz and Nic

#workingfromhome #workingtogether

PS. Some WFH pics to share from the team across London, Cambridge and Suffolk…


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