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Bullet sharp organisation with Bullet Journals - Storigraphic | Crafted Paper Goods

Geo Series hybrid bullet journals updated

Our Geo Series set of hybrid bullet journals have been updated and now include eight new G . F Smith Colorplan covers. Incorporating interspersed full geo patterned pages with dot, grid, lined and plain, this collection provide users the opportunity to colour in, plan, organise and more.

Geo Series Journals

Using a BuJo can streamline the chaos of coordinating your life, and surmount the stresses of everyday life, to help you practise mindfulness, be more productive and hit your personal and professional goals. Customise it to your life with sections on your to-do lists, notes, calendar, long-term goals and more, utilising a bullet points, dashes and other graphics system so you can see what categories you’re on at a glance.

Designed for anyone that likes to be super organised, keep track of their lives and plan meticulously for the future, bullet journals are the popular new way of doing just that. Described by its original creator Ryder Carroll as ‘the analog method for the digital age that will help you track the past, order the present, and plan for the future’, it is a recognised organisational system in a notebook format, that will keep track of anything you’d like to note down, in a simplified and streamlined way.

Sustainably made in the UK, they provide a great way to organise your life, provide aesthetic inspiration, coordinate to-do lists, ideas, events, reminders and daily planning. 

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