We love our planet and proudly implement a sustainable, plastic-free practice across the production of our products.

We have been advocates and purveyors of designing for print for over 20 years, working within one of the most sustainable industries in commercial operation.

Paper is also one of the few truly sustainable products available to us. Between 2005 and 2015, European forests grew by an area bigger than the size of Switzerland and these planted forests continue to achieve much, including initiatives helping to maintain ecosystems and biodiversity as well as providing sources of renewable energy.

Our print partner Pureprint, is a CarbonNeutral® company with FSC® chain of custody and an ISO14001 certified environmental management system recycling over 99% of all dry waste.

We do not laminate our books (applying a thin layer of plastic to paper or card sheets). Instead, we pursued an alternative solution and sourced a paper stock that carries a greater resilience than most. Here we are, thanks to paper partner, Antalis, we are proud to deliver products that uphold our pledge.

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