About Us

Storigraphic is an independent business, started up by its founders, Roz and Nic, two life-long best friends who met whilst studying at art school. Their friendship led to embarking on a rewarding business partnership journey in the late 90’s when they set up their design studio.

With over 20 years’ experience in successfully running their studio (still to this day), they founded Storigraphic, and along with their close-knit dedicated team, they bring a fresh offering of crafted, design-led, sustainably-created goods.

These products include statement stationery, greeting cards, wooden gifts, accessories and wrapping papers that pay tribute to and champion thoughtful, loving human connections. Everything is created by and exclusive to Storigraphic, and made in the UK.

The team are active advocates of equality and diversity in their work, practise sustainably, produce plastic-free products, and work hard to bring the very best with what they create.

Meet the founders

Read our Q&A with Roz and Nic

The two friends met whilst studying at art school and quickly became the best of friends. Their commercial partnership journey in design began in 1997 when they started their...

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Our pledge

We love our planet

Our products and practice do too. We run a sustainable and plastic-free operation...

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For everyone

We champion progress and encourage good deeds

With every product purchased, 5% of sales is donated to Crisis UK...

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