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Wrapping tips from Nic & Roz (as featured in Yahoo!Style and AOL)

Wrapping tips from Nic & Roz (as featured in Yahoo!Style and AOL)

With Christmas fast approaching, this is definitely the season for a wrapping extravaganza! (Or for some, a wrapping marathon.)

We thought we'd share some tips and tricks to help make the process as straightforward as possible, and hopefully have fun with it!

Space — you’ll need it

We always like to stand, and mainly work off a large enough table. Keep the area uncluttered and only have the items needed for gift wrapping on the surface.

Get your wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and scissors assembled

The fun part to gift wrapping is choosing your paper and how it matches up with your accessories (ribbon, tag, card). You can go the whole hog and have a gorgeous theme planned. We’re a little biased as we like to choose from our own selection of wrapping paper and accessories! Have a sharp pair of scissors to hand (sometimes we use two types of scissors as ribbon can be harder to cut), double-sided or regular tape, and our beautiful ribbon (it’s a joy to tie!).

Measure, cut, fold and tie

We like to measure how much paper is needed so we don’t waste any. Using a piece of string or tailor’s tape measure, and adding on around 10cm on each side, cut down your paper. We fold over an end section so it’s perfectly neat. Tape down (either using double-sided tape or invisible tape). Fold in the sides and then tie with a ribbon (as you would do your shoelaces).

Recycle, recycle

All of our wrapping papers can be recycled by either using it again (if it’s still in pretty good condition) or paper recycling. Same goes for the ribbon, if it’s material then it's worth keeping and using it again!

Some other quick hacks to mention

When you have an awkward shape to wrap? Put the item in a box and wrap the box. Job done!

A planet-friendly tip from back in the day, for when you're all out of gift tags. Cut out the front design from an old Christmas card, pierce a hole and feed through for the ribbon.

For that added extra — create a gift topper using cut-out paper snowflakes!


Read Roz and Nic's tips in Yahoo!Style and AOL.com


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