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Share your care with our new Valentine's collection - Storigraphic | Crafted Paper Goods

Share your care with our new Valentine's collection



Valentine's Day Gifts

We live to share the love, and as it’s coming up to that time, we’re very happy to launch our Valentine’s collection! Featuring gorgeous new Lovebirds, Lovehearts and Rainbow designs, available across wrapping paper plus tag, greeting cards, wooden pin brooches, as well as exciting gift sets. You can send someone special one of our exclusively designed, limited-edition Hey You Valentine’s gift books, personalised with names and a message from you. All alongside our heartfelt, heart-filled and heartwarming, sometimes cheeky greeting cards, plus accessories, there really is something for everyone!

Let someone know how much they mean to you, whether it’s a spouse, partner, family, friend or anyone you want to share your care with, and gift them with a thoughtful surprise this Valentine’s Day. What’s not to love?! 💕

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