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Why we are skipping Black Friday

Why we are skipping Black Friday

As the Black Friday frenzy has taken hold this month, we wanted to take a moment to share our decision to opt out of this year's sales rush. We understand that many businesses and consumers eagerly anticipate this event, but as a small indie business, we’re committed to fair pricing, sustainable production and consumption.

Our small business perspective

Black Friday is often portrayed as a time to grab incredible deals and save big. However, for small businesses like ours, participating in these deep discounts can be financially unsustainable. Our store operates on a smaller scale, and the significant price reductions associated with Black Friday can put a strain on our operations. Instead of engaging in this short-term sales boost, we will continue to focus on providing our customers with consistently high-quality, sustainably produced products at fair prices.

Whilst all of our products are designed by us, they are manufactured in partnership with independent businesses in the UK, and over the past few months, we've faced rising production and material costs. However, we made a deliberate decision to absorb these rather than pass the increases on to our customers through higher prices.

We believe in maintaining fair and transparent pricing, and we continue to strive making our products accessible to a wider audience.