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New: wallpapers for home and commercial interiors

New: wallpapers for home and commercial interiors

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new wallpaper collection, a significant addition to our Storihome range. Our extensive catalogue of patterns and prints has now expanded into this new product category, with the aim to transform and confidently elevate everyday spaces.

grafico 6 wallpaper

Seventies 7


Since launching Storihome this year, we have worked hard to develop new kitchen textiles and soft furnishings, all of which have been a joy to bring to life. One vital component of interior décor that we have been designing for since the start is wallpaper, and we are delighted to finally be able to share our new collection with you.

Nic and Roz have selected an initial collection of six exclusive contemporary designs from their catalogue to launch the new range. Each design provides a strong aesthetic with versatile décor options for home or commercial interiors, and each can be beautifully matched with other products found across our growing homeware range.

For our first foray into wallpapers, we looked for a partner with the knowledge, capability, and provenance to help us develop the category as professionally and expertly as possible. We are delighted to have partnered with renowned UK heritage wallcovering manufacturer, Anstey Wallpaper Company. Based in Loughborough, their history of manufacturing wallcoverings spans more than 100 years, and they have built an excellent reputation in that time as one of the top manufacturers in their industry.


assmebly 3 wallpaper

Colour matching


Matching our colours across the ranges was of vital importance, and we were absolute on securing the closest colour match possible from our cushions, napkins, and tea towels through to the wallpapers. Knowing the limitations imposed by different printing processes, our ideal scenario was to have the wallpapers digitally printed, and on paper sourced from an FSC certified supplier.

Anstey is currently recognised as the biggest contract wallcovering manufacturer in the UK, and with over 19 individual print machines covering all types of printing processes (outputting over two million rolls per year), we were able to utilise their cutting-edge digital print offering to produce our wallpapers.

View the full wallpaper collection here.


sessions wallpaper