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This Q&A was updated in September, 2021.

A happy hello from our Founders, Roz Nazerian and Nic Graham.

The two friends met whilst studying at art school and quickly became the best of friends. Their commercial partnership journey in design began in 1997 when they started their London design studio, Minx Creative.

In October 2019, they and their talented creative team launched Storigraphic. They then re-launched the store with a new vision and direction in September 2020.

We sat them down and asked some quick-fire questions to feed our inquisitive minds.

What's the joy of what you do?
Roz: We get to do what we love. Every day.

We're ideas people, problem-solvers and practising designers. We work with much diversity and across many mediums, all types of creative briefs. It's a true privilege having the freedom to work without layers of internal politics and parameters.

What's the challenge of what you do?
Roz: Last year was a strange one for us (and for the world!). Going into lockdown changed our direction, it made us review and redefine how we wanted to grow as a small collective and brand. From what started as a negative challenge, we turned it to a positive and got working to putting in place an exciting, new path and ambitious direction.

Nic: Balancing family, home and work life has never been more challenging since our time in lockdown. It's been a constant challenge getting it at a good place with everything (home-schooling didn’t help!). I've come to the conclusion that we're doing well every day. 

How did Storigraphic come about?
Roz: Nic and I had spoken about designing and producing printed products for many years and then finally, we could see an opening to get our plans off the ground. The crossover from what we do at our design studio to Storigraphic is a huge advantage, it seemed right to develop the idea and give everything we could to realise it as a business.

Nic: There was an element of it being an organic process to where we are today also. We had started with creating books and then the shift to paper goods happened due to last year's events, new product discussions and development.

What else is planned?
Nic: There will be more collections and series; stationery, gift and product ranges will keep on growing. We have so many plans and ideas, and getting them done methodically/slowly is hard when you’re excited about pushing forward with them!

Roz: We launched a whole new range of wooden products this year which has been great — more to come!

Do you have a favourite collection (so far)?
Roz: Tricky!

Nic: Paws and Claws does make me smile so much. But, we do love all of our collections equally. They have had much of our good collective energy put into creating them that it's never going to be easy to choose between them!

Finally, what's your favourite planet?
Both: Saturn! (And planet Earth!)

#BestFriends #United


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