Keeping it sustainable


We have been advocates and purveyors of designing for print for over 20 years, working within one of the most sustainable industries in commercial operation.

Achieving our principles to keep our books as sustainable as possible took time, testing, research and fact-finding before we were good to go.

We work with a print partner that is CarbonNeutral® with FSC® chain of custody and an ISO14001 certified environmental management system recycling over 99% of all dry waste. We're plastic-free by choosing to not laminate our books (applying a thin layer of plastic to the covers) and finding an alternative, resilient solution.

Whilst we continue to learn and discover, we take inspiration from many good organisations that have been working hard researching, educating, facilitating and/or implementing new processes every day.

Here are a few to know about:

Two Sides


Sustainable Development

Green Alliance


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